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Construction Supervision

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BTech Degree – Code #2649

Erin Vitale, Department Chair and Program Coordinator
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The Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in construction supervision is a completion degree that will add valuable construction business skills to a technical background. Students with carpentry, heavy equipment, electrical, mechanical, and architecture skills, to name a few, will be able to see how their skills are utilized to build the environment in which they live. The BTech in construction supervision will give graduates a working knowledge of construction estimating, scheduling, and contract law. These skills along with their technical competency will make graduates a prized asset to companies that are involved in the construction industry. The program includes a full-semester internship.

The program is set up as a completion degree, meaning students entering must have an associate degree or 60 credits in a related curriculum. A true 2+2 can be achieved with 21 credits of liberal arts and sciences, including five silos of SUNY General Education completed before entering the program.


  • Students take their distinct technical background and apply it in the construction industry through project-based learning.
  • With a cohort of students from many different fields of prior study, students will gain an interdisciplinary appreciation of the construction industry.
  • Students will gain a strong background in construction contractual requirements.
  • Students will expand their understanding of construction job site cost control. 

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Create written communication appropriate to the construction discipline.
  • Create oral presentations.
  • Create a construction project safety plan.
  • Create construction project cost estimates.
  • Create construction project schedules.
  • Analyze professional decisions based on ethical principles.
  • Understand different methods of project delivery and the roles and responsibilities of all constituencies involved in the design and construction process.
  • Understand construction accounting and cost control.

Occupational Opportunities

  • Assistant superintendent
  • Equipment and material sales
  • Project manager for specialty trade contractors
  • Superintendent

Employment Statistics

Employment and continuing education rate of 100 percent – 93 percent are employed; 7 percent continued their education.

Enrollment And Graduation Data

   Enrollment (based on fall census)
2023 48
2022 48
2021 48
   Degrees Awarded
2022-2023 18
2021-2022 12
2020-2021 8


Alfred State accepts students from other two-year institutions as juniors into the construction supervision BTech program with appropriate course work and grade point average.

Graduation Requirements

  • 2.0 cumulative GPA and 2.0 in major courses (CIVL)
  • 30 credits liberal arts and sciences
  • Seven of 10 General Education silos with math silo required

Related Programs

  • Architectural Technology
  • Building Trades: Building Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Heavy Equipment Operations
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology   

Entrance Requirements/Recommendations 

  • Required: Successful completion of an associate degree in a construction-related field or at least 60 transferrable credit hours, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Other majors can be considered with construction related work experience. Applicants who have gone through a certified apprentice program and have obtained a journeyman's card with a recognized trade union may also be considered. 
  • Recommended: A minimum of 21 credits in liberal arts and sciences, and five different general education fields covered (BC and MA included). 
  • Students without the required college credits can come into the individual studies (AS) program as a bridge program to the construction supervision (BTech) program. 
  • Please Note: Students entering from an AOS degree program are accepted in the program as ASOP students to facilitate completion of the five bridge courses (15 credits) in Liberal Arts and Sciences/General Education. The Civil Engineering Technology Department chair or curriculum coordinator will review all college credits earned and will recommend specific courses to complete this bridge.

Required Course Prerequisites

If students do not place into MATH 1033 College Algebra, MATH 1084 Calculus I, MATH 1323 Quantitative Reasoning, 1034 College Algebra of Functions, 1054 Precalculus, or 2124 Statistical Methods & Analysis, then MATH 1014 Algebra Concepts is a required prerequisite for completion of the major.

If students do not place into PHYS 1024 General Physics I or PHYS 1044 College Physics I, then PHYS 1014 Introductory Physics is a required prerequisite for completion of this major.

Technical Standards

Students in the construction supervision program must meet the following requirements:

  • Students must have the ability to use industry-standard software and computers.
  • Students must have the ability to traverse varying types of construction sites. 

Required Equipment

A tier 2 laptop computer will be required of all students. See laptop specifications at

Office of Accessibility Services

Students who believe they need a reasonable accommodation to properly participate in this program may contact Melanie Ryan in the Office of Accessibility Services. This office may be contacted by email at  or by phone at 607-587-4506. Please keep in mind that some accommodations may take time to implement, so students seeking accommodations are encouraged to contact OAS as early as possible.

Construction Supervision – BTech



ECON 1013 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON 2023 Principles of Microeconomics 3
COMP 5703 Technical Writing II 3
TMGT 7153 Principles of Management 3
CIVL 3053 Construction Methods & Practic 3
CIVL 3553 Comm Bldg Const Methods & Prac 3
CIVL  7503 Construction Supervision 3


GLST 2113 Global & Diverse Perspectives 3
CIVL 6212 Construction Safety 2
ACCT 5043 Accounting Perspectives 3
XXXX  xxx3 Business Electives - Upper 3
XXXX xxx3 Tech./Business Elective 3
SPCH 1083 Public Speaking 3
SPCH xxx3 Effective Speaking or Equiv. 3


CIVL 7523 Construction Scheduling 3
CIVL  6154 Supervisory Estimating 3
BUAD 3043 Business Law I 3
XXXX xxx3 Business Elective - Upper 3
CIVL 8023 Construction Jobsite Admin. 3
CIVL 8123 Construction Project Admin 3


CIVL 8512 Construction Mgmt Internship 12
XXXX xxx3 Business Elective - Upper 3

Be advised that a prior felony conviction may impede a student's ability to participate in an internship.