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Explanation of Fees & Payment Options

Explanation of Fees & Payment Options

Student Comprehensive Fee - This fee is paid by all students in order to provide quality services to everyone. The services are available to students whether or not the student chooses to take advantage of them. The fee comprises:

  • Activities Fee - Established by students through their incorporated student government. The fee covers student activities such as student organizations, social activities, cultural events, films, and recreational programs.
  • Athletic Fee - Supports the college‚Äôs 17 intercollegiate sports teams and entitles students to free admission to all campus sporting events.
  • College Fee - Established by the SUNY Board of Trustees.
  • Fitness Center Fee - Enables use of the fitness centers (located on the ground floor of Orvis and the second floor of Pioneer Center). They offer top-of-the-line selectorized weight machines, computerized fitness and aerobic equipment, and an expanded free-weight area.
  • Health Fee - Allows students to receive medications, physician consultations, and all available health services for no additional fee.
  • Technology Fee - Supports computer technology operations, upgrades, and improvements.
  • Transcript Fee - Guarantees students unlimited copies of their transcripts.
  • Transportation Fee - Supports student transportation services.

Orientation Fee - A $90 mandatory one-time orientation fee is billed to all full- and part-time new and transfer students to cover the cost of programs, food, and registration requirements. Internet and readmission students are not required to attend and will not be charged the orientation fee.

Optional Fees:

Graduation Fee - Commencement Policy - All students must pay a non-refundable fee in order to participate in the commencement ceremony. This fee will be imposed per ceremony attended. The commencement ceremony is held in May of each year. Students receiving more than one degree may also be charged for additional accoutrements at the Campus Store. All students graduating from a bachelor's degree program must pay an additional cost of $30 for the bachelor hood. Students must attend the ceremony to receive diploma cover and/or honor cord.  No fee is assessed for those who applied to receive their diplomas without attending the ceremony.

Vehicle Registration Fee - Mandatory on all vehicles parked on campus. Vehicles must be registered online in BannerWeb or by visiting the University Police Department (located in the Theta Gamma House) where vehicle hang tags are issued.

Foreign Medical Insurance - Enrolls student in an accident and health insurance program. If you have questions about this plan, you may call the Student Records and Financial Services Office at 607-587-4253. Enrolling in the Foreign Insurance Program is mandatory when studying internationally.

Meal Plans - Students living on campus MUST have a meal plan unless living in a Townhouse or MacKenzie Quad apartment.  (Student will need to contact ACES).  Meal plans are also available for commuters. Carefully review your plan choice on BannerWeb and change the amount if necessary. If you have specific meal plan questions, you may call the ACES Office at 607-587-4064.