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Principles of Community

Principles of Community

As members of Alfred State, we choose to be part of an academic community dedicated to those principles that foster personal and professional integrity, civility, and inclusion.

We strive toward lives of personal integrity and academic excellence – We will encourage in ourselves, and in one another, those responsible actions which lead to lives of productive work, personal enrichment, and useful citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world.

We commit to treat one another with civility – Recognizing that there will be differences of opinion, we will explore these differences in a courteous and forthright manner, always acknowledging individual rights to freedom of expression and association.

We support inclusion – We encourage those of all cultures, orientations, and backgrounds to understand and respect one another in a safe and supporting educational environment.

This set of principles set forth by the college is supported by policies including the Student Code of Conduct and the Policy on Academic Integrity.