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COMP 1403  English Fundamentals*

Credits: 3.00 Credits

English Fundamentals is a course designed specifically for the study and for the improvement of basic writing skills and techniques. As such, English Fundamentals allows the student to master a variety of sentence constructions and paragraph types, culminating in the ability to create a multi-paragraph essay. The emphasis is on grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, writing and revising techniques, and proofreading and editing to produce clear, concise, and information-rich sentences and paragraphs. This is a remedial/developmental course; it will not satisfy any graduation requirements. Student performance on the Comprehensive Language Usage Exam and the Writing Competency Exam will affect the final course grade.

COMP 1503  Freshman Composition

Credits: 3.00 Credits

Freshman Composition is intended to enable students to express themselves in essays. They will generate ideas, develop thesis statements, plan paragraphs, organize compositions, and select rhetorical strategies. Essays and a reference paper are required. Readings stimulate language use, critical thinking, and writing techniques.

COMP 2900  Directed Study

Credits: 1.00 TO 4.00 Credits

The student may contract for one to four credit hours of independent study through an arrangement with the instructor. The student must submit a plan acceptable for the instructor and the department chairperson. To be substituted for the listed humanities requirements, a directed study course must be so designated by the department chair. Writing is continued in assignments related to readings, class discussions, and lectures.

COMP 3503  Advanced Composition

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course focuses on developing the student's ability to write at an advanced level about topics of broad cultural importance. Students will demonstrate assurance and skill in producing written communications on par with published prose. This class will go beyond the mechanics of proper English composition and explore concepts such as originality, honesty of both fact and presentation, clarity, sincerity of emotion, economy of expression, and naturalness of style. This course can be taught from many perspectives. It will strive to instill Alexander Pope's thought that "true ease in writing comes from art, not chance". Writing is emphasized in response to readings from accomplished essayists such as Plutarch, Montaigne, Johnson, Orwell, Emerson, Thoreau, Mencken, Didion, and Dillard, among others.

COMP 3603  Writing for Emergent Media

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course is an introduction to writing for emergent media. Students will be taught basic principles of good writing as they apply to various media forms, practices, and online audiences. An emphasis will be placed on textual and visual development for use in different contexts: digital narrative, Web page content, blogging, screenwriting, online journalism, and hypertext styles. Students will design, edit and publish online content using current methods and tools across different platforms. Ethics in writing for emergent media will be a focus in the course.

COMP 5703  Technical Writing II

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course is offered for students completing requirements for a bachelor's degree. It will prepare students to handle typical workplace assignments in a competent and professional manner. It will also prepare students to communicate their ideas effectively in writing to persons in and out of their particular professional disciplines. The course centers on the knowledge and practice of format and style in technical writing when producing upper-level documents; this includes an emphasis on audience analysis and document design as well as research and editing decisions in the composition of long formats.