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SPCH 1083  Effective Speaking

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course deals with preparing, presenting, and critiquing the basic speech types: reporting, demonstration, and argumentation. Special attention is given to collecting, selecting, and arranging of material; to presenting and delivering; and to active listening and critical evaluating. The course stresses principles of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication and provides a basis for the understanding of speech through utilizing various media. The course is designed to help students obtain the speaking skills with which to respond to various oral communication situations encountered throughout college and in professional, civic, and social areas before and after graduation. Students will be required to deliver presentations to a live audience of mature adults in both traditional and online classes.

SPCH 5083  Communication in the Workplace

Credits: 3.00 Credits

The class is designed to give students the opportunity to obtain the communications skills encountered throughout college and his or her personal and professional life. Special attention is given to the theory of organizational communication, basic communication skills, interpersonal communication, employer-employee relations, group communication, and presentational speaking.

SPCH 6083  Interpersonal Communication

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course will cover the study and application of the techniques involved in effective interpersonal communication. Text, lecture, and outside reading will cover the theories and concepts of verbal, vocal, nonverbal, and listening as they relate to communicating in interpersonal contexts. Specifically, the course will address such topics as validation, listening, self-disclosure, conflict resolution, problem solving strategies, and electronic communication. Class participation, group participation, public speaking, and scholarly writing are required of all students.