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Biological Science

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AAS Degree - Code #1554

Stephen Bauer, Program Coordinator
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The biological science degree is a hands-on program designed to prepare you to excel in various scientific laboratories or to continue your education in a number of science or pre-professional fields. The program provides a foundation in biology, chemistry, and mathematics as well as a common core of general education courses.


Biological science is a flexible program that can be tailored to fit the educational requirements of a variety of laboratory-related occupations and transfer opportunities.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explain and apply the scientific method in order to document, interpret, and present results of an experiment.
  • Evaluate scientific literature to summarize current thinking on a significant topic.
  • Display effective interpersonal communication and work skills in the lecture and laboratory setting.
  • Choose and employ proper safety practices in the laboratory.
  • Demonstrate the calibration and operation of scientific instrumentation.
  • Utilize gravimetric and volumetric methods to determine the physical and chemical properties of matter.
  • Make both organic and inorganic compounds according to prescribed multi-step syntheses.
  • Use microbiological techniques to isolate organisms in pure culture.
  • Describe the association of structure and function of plants and animals.
  • Classify groups of organisms according to taxonomic criteria and evolutionary relationships.

Direct Entry Into Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Alfred State biological science graduates may enter directly into the forensic science technology BS, health sciences BS, the interdisciplinary studies BTech, or the technology management BBA degree program.

Continuing Education Opportunities

The program also enables graduates to transfer to four-year programs in biology and chemistry as well as programs such as sports medicine, medical technology, ultrasound technology, and pre-professional programs (medicine, veterinary, dentistry, and pharmacy).

Occupational Opportunities

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical testing
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Laboratory technician

Employment Statistics

Employment and continuing education rate of 100 percent – 33 percent are employed; 67 percent continued their education.

Related Programs

Forensic Science Technology (BS)
Health Sciences (BS)

Entrance Requirements/recommendations

Required: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry

Recommended:  SAT and/or ACT test scores

Required Course Prerequisites

If students do not place into MATH 1033 College Algebra, MATH 1084 Calculus I, MATH 1323 Quantitative Reasoning, 1034 College Algebra of Functions, 1054 Precalculus, or 2124 Statistical Methods & Analysis, then MATH 1014 Algebra Concepts is a required prerequisite for completion of the major.

If students do not place into PHYS 1024 General Physics I or PHYS 1044 College Physics I, then PHYS 1014 Introductory Physics is a required prerequisite for completion of this major.

Office of Accessibility Services

Students who believe they need a reasonable accommodation to properly participate in this program may contact Melanie Ryan in the Office of Accessibility Services. This office may be contacted by email at  or by phone at 607-587-4506. Please keep in mind that some accommodations may take time to implement, so students seeking accommodations are encouraged to contact OAS as early as possible.

Technical Standards

It is essential that students in this degree program are able to fully and safely participate, with or without reasonable accommodation, in all classroom, laboratory, field, internship, and research experiences required for completion of the program.  Students in this degree program should be able to:

  • Function in a safe manner, not placing themselves, faculty, staff, or other students in jeopardy.
  • Appropriately and safely use standard laboratory equipment, materials, and instrumentation to include possession of fine motor skills and mobility.
  • Make sensory visual and auditory observations during, and interpret data from, all required laboratory assignments.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


A minimum of 63 credit hours is required for graduation, with an overall cumulative index of 2.0 or better. A grade of "C" or better is required in courses with BIOL or CHEM prefixes.

All laboratory-based courses for this academic program must be completed in an in-person format.  Laboratory-based courses in the on-line format will not fulfill degree requirements

Required Equipment

A tier 1 laptop computer is required for students entering this degree program. Laptop specifications are available at

Biological Science - AAS Degree



BIOL 1101 Topics in General Biology 1
BIOL 1104 General Biology I 4
CHEM 1984 Chemical Principles I 4
COMP 1503 Writing Studies 3
MATH xxxx Math Elective (MATH 1033 or greater) 3-4


BIOL 2204 General Biology II 4
LITR xxx3 Literature Elective 3
CHEM 2984 Chemical Principles II 4
XXXX xxxx Technical Elective 2-4
GLST 2113 Global & Diverse Perspectives 3


BIOL 5254 Principles of Microbiology 4
CHEM 3514 Organic Chemistry I 4
SPCH 1083 Public Speaking 3
XXXX xxx3 Technical Elective 3
MATH xxxx Math Elective 3-4


BIOL 6534 Genetics 4
CHEM 4524 Organic Chemistry II 4
BIOL 2111 Biological Sciences Seminar 1
XXXX xxx3 Technical Elective 3-4
XXXX xxx3 Open Elective 3-4

MATH courses must be at the level of MATH 1033 college algebra or above. 


Technical Electives:

AGPS 1103 Soils 3
AGPS 1104 Soils 4
AGPS 5003 Integrated Pest Management 3
AGRI 2013 Organic & Sustainable Ag Tech 3
ANTH 5333 Medical Anthropology 3
BIOL 1013 Essentials of Exercise Physiol 3
BIOL 1113 Biology of Human Sexuality 3
BIOL 1223 Introduction to Forestry 3
BIOL 1304 Botany 4
BIOL 1313 Nutrition 3
BIOL 1404 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 2504 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIOL 2633 Histotechniques 3
BIOL 2803 Environmental Science 3
BIOL 2801 Environmental Sciences Lab 1
BIOL 4403 Pathophysiology 3
BIOL 4900 Directed Study 1
BIOL 5003 Genomics 3
BIOL 5013 Biotechniques 3
BIOL 5104 Kinesiology 4
BIOL 5223 Ecology 3
BIOL 5503 Virology 3
BIOL 5900 Directed Study 1
BIOL 6003 Molecular and Cell Biology 3
CHEM 4900 Directed Study 1
CHEM 5414 Analytical Principles 4
CHEM 5900 Directed Study 1
CHEM 6614 Instrumental Analysis 4
CHEM 7784 Biochemistry 4
COMP 5703 Technical Writing II 3
ENVR 4424 Envirnmntl Chem & Microbiology 4
FRSC 3113 Forensic Pathology 3
HLTH 5113 Complementary & Altv Medicine 3
HLTH 5233 The Culture of Healthcare 3
MATH 1084 Calculus I 4
MATH 2124 Statistical Methods & Analysis 4
MEDR 1132 Essentials of Pharmacology 2
MEDR 1133 Medical Terminology 3
PHYS 1044 College Physics I 4
PHYS 2044 College Physics II 4