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Applied Psychology (BS)

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BS Degree - Code #1965

Dr. Jill Amati, Department Chair

Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

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The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in applied psychology will offer students an opportunity to obtain employment in a variety of applied career paths within the psychology field.  Through classroom and hands-on work, students will learn the principles and application of psychology.  Students will gain skills in communication, organization, and problem solving.  The program will provide students with the necessary knowledge to conduct, write, and implement behavioral assessments.  Students will also have an opportunity to evaluate, interpret and present applied psychological research.


  • Communicate effectively and appropriately in written and oral form.
  • Apply critical thinking to applied psychology practices and theories.
  • Employ basic research methods in applied psychology, including research design, data analysis, and data synthesis from a variety of sources..
  • Apply psychology principles and theories to real world scenarios.
  • Apply knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion in professional practice.
  • Evaluate technical and ethical decision-making skills in applied psychology
  • Synthesize and present data in psychological research.


  • 104-hour internship
  • Students take a research methods class where they can design their own research project.
  • Students complete a capstone project and professional portfolios that allow them to reflect on their experiences and showcase their strengths, capabilities, passions, and competencies for future employment or graduate school.


Occupational opportunities for graduates include community outreach coordinator, disability and behavioral specialist, case manager, consumer behavior analyst, marketing research analyst, human resources recruiter, training specialist, and program coordinator.  Graduates will be prepared to find employment in entry-level positions in counseling and care work that do not require licensure.  There are additional transfer opportunities for graduates who wish to pursue careers as mental health counselors, psychologists, or social workers.
BS Related Careers US Employment Median Pay Job Openings
Social/ Community Svc. Mgr. 178,400 $74,240 16,000
Human Resource Specialist 874,500 $64,240 78,700
Marketing Research Analyst 868,600 $68,230 94,600

Career Photos, Videos, & Stats: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Entrance Requirements/recommendations

Required: Algebra, Geometry, one additional Math, Biology, and one additional Science


Students who believe they need a reasonable accommodation to properly participate in this program may contact Melanie Ryan in the Office of Accessibility Services.  This office may be contacted by email at or by phone at 607-587-4506.  Please keep in mind that some accommodations may take time to implement, so students seeking accommodations are encouraged to contact OAS as early as possible.

A typical day consists of two, one-hour lectures and a two-hour studio in the freshman and sophomore years. At the junior and senior levels, three-hour studios are required.



COMP 1503 Writing Studies 3
MATH 2124 Statistical Methods & Analysis 4
MATH 1113 Statistical Concepts 3
PSYC 1013 General Psychology 3
GLST 2113 Global & Diverse Perspectives 3
APSY 1013 Intro to Applied Psychology 3


LITR xxx3 Literature Elective 3
PSYC 1063 Basic Helping Skills 3
PSYC 1023 Human Development 3
PSYC 2033 Adolescent Development 3
XXXX xxx3 Ethics Elective 3
BIOL 2303 Human Biology 3


Subject Code Course ID Course Name Credits
PSYC 1033 Human Relations 3
APSY 1033 Crisis Intervention 3
XXXX xxx3 Gen Ed Elect (USH/CI,WH,FA or WL) 3
PSYC 2093 Abnormal Psychology 3
SPCH 1083 Public Speaking 3


Subject Code Course ID Course Name Credits
APSY 1063 Learning & Behavior 3
HUSR 1313 Alcohol & Subst Abuse Counseling 3
PSYC xxx3 Psychology Elective 3
APSY 2013 Semin in Applied Psych 3
XXXX xxx3 Open Elective 3


Subject Code Course ID Course Name Credits
PSYC 5053 Social Psychology 3
PSYC xxx3 Psychology Elective 3
PSYC 5013 Counseling Theory 3
PSYC 2063 Community Psychology 3
PSYC 1043 Psychology of Gender 3


Subject Code Course ID Course Name Credits
PSYC 5203 Personality Psychology 3
APSY 6013 Intervention & Assessment 3
PSYC 2043 Psychology of Grief 3
PSYC 5043 Sensation & Perception 3
XXXX xxx3 Upper Level Professional Elective 3


Subject Code Course ID Course Name Credits
APSY 5003 Applied Psychology Research Methods 3
APSY 5103 Applied Psychology Senior Seminar 3
HUSR 5203 Grants 3
PSYC 5103 I/O Psychology 3
XXXX xxx3 Upper Level Liberal Arts Elective 3


Subject Code Course ID Course Name Credits
APSY 7004 Applied Psychology Capstone/Internship 4
XXXX xxx3 Upper Level Open Elective 3
PSYC xxx3 Upper Level Psychology Elective 3
PSYC 7003 Working w Diverse Populations 3
XXXX xxx3 Open Elective 3


  • Good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher)
  • Successful completion of all courses in the prescribed eight-semester plan
  • Grade of "B" or higher in APSY 7004 Applied Psyc Capstone/Internship
  • Grade of "C+" or higher in all other APSY classes
  • Grade of "C" or higher in all PsYC courses
  • Submission of the college's degree application form