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AOS Degree – Code #0401

Daniel Helveston, Department Chair
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Stephen Richard, Program Coordinator
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Each year, more and more students and employers have asked for additional instruction and skills-based training in masonry beyond what is provided by the building construction program. Our masonry program was designed with these desires in mind. It will provide you with extensive instruction after completing the common first-year building construction curricula.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Estimate, layout, and build various masonry and concrete flatwork systems and explain how to supervise people.
  • Properly choose and implement personal and job site safety and access equipment.
  • Read and interpret construction drawings and specifications.
  • Communicate construction details and estimates with written documents and scale shop drawings.
  • Lay out, prepare, and install various concrete flatwork, block work, stone work, and brick work.
  • Use the computer to access trade-related specifications.
  • Perform computer-based research and communication.
  • Demonstrate effective oral communication.

Direct Entry Into Baccalaureate Degree Program

Alfred State masonry graduates may enter directly into the construction supervision BTech or technology management BBA degree program. Graduates who have credit for freshman composition, statistics, literature, history, and speech may complete the baccalaureate program in two additional years; others may complete the BBA program in two-and-one-half years.

Occupational Opportunities

  • Brick or stone salesman
  • Kiln mason
  • Construction foreman
  • Estimator
  • Salesperson
  • Private or commercial remodeler
  • Maintenance supervisor
  • Construction superintendent
  • Concrete foreman
  • Expediter
  • Contractor
  • Mason

Employment Statistics

Employment and continuing education rate of 100 percent – 100 percent are employed.

Related Programs

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Building Trades: Building Construction
Electrical Construction and Maintenance Electrician

Required Tools/Equipment

A list of required tools, equipment, PPE, etc. for all of the programs mentioned above can be found at

A tier 1 laptop computer is required for students entering this degree program. Laptop specifications are available at

Entrance Requirements/recommendations

Recommended: Algebra and Geometry

Technical Standards

It is crucial that all student applicants in this degree program must be able to meet the following requirements, with or without reasonable accommodation. Students who are enrolled in this degree program should have the physical capabilities to be able to engage in all training, field, and laboratory environments in a safe and ethical manner. Students must be able to:

  • Lift and carry up to or 50 pounds of building materials/equipment without accommodations.
  • Perform and function in a safe manner in all laboratory and classroom environments and off campus job site locations.
  • Effectively communicate with classmates and instructional staff using appropriate visual and/or auditory communication from a distance of 20 feet.
  • Physically setup, move, or climb ladders, scaffolding, etc., unaided, using the designated safety method.
  • Identify and react to safety alarms which include, but not limited to, fire alarms, back up alarms and those meant for emergencies.

Office of Accessibility Services

Students who believe they need a reasonable accommodation to properly participate in this program may contact Melanie Ryan in the Office of Accessibility Services. This office may be contacted by email at  or by phone at 607-587-4506. Please keep in mind that some accommodations may take time to implement, so students seeking accommodations are encouraged to contact OAS as early as possible.

Masonry - AOS Degree



BLCT 1202 Portable Tools & Fastening Sys 2
BLCT 1002 Intro to Construction Safety 2
BLCT 1212 Foundation Systems & Layout 2
BLCT 1222 Construction Math 2
BLCT 1232 Framing I 2
BLCT 1242 Framing II 2
BLCT 1206 Building Construction Lab I 6


BLCT 2202 Insulation and Drywall 2
BLCT 2212 Exterior Building Envelope 2
BLCT 2232 Siding and Cornices 2
BLCT 2242 Wood Products & Fabrication 2
BLCT 2252 Intro to Print Reading & Estim 2
BLCT 2262 Masonry 2
BLCT 2206 Building Construction Lab II 6


BLCT 3702 Residential Foundations 2
BLCT 3712 Building Stone 2
BLCT 3722 Fireplace & Hearth Oven Design 2
BLCT 3732 Masonry Restoration 2
BLCT 3742 Sustainability w/Masonry Const 2
BLCT 3752 All Weather Masonry 2
BLCT 3706 Masonry Construction Lab III 6


BLCT 4502 ACI Concrete Testing 2
BLCT 4512 Masonry Stairs & Ramps 2
BLCT 4522 Hardscaping with Masonry 2
BLCT 4532 Print Reading for Masonry 2
BLCT 4542 Masonry Sketching & Detailing 2
BLCT 4552 Business Planning Masonry/Conc 2
BLCT 4506 Masonry Construction Lab IV 6


A student must successfully complete all courses in the prescribed four-semester program and earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in major courses.