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Allied Health

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Allied Health

Kathy L. Young, Chair
Phone : 607-587-4129
Administrative Assistant Phone : 607-587-4714
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The Allied Health Department at Alfred State provides students with a strong education in a wide range of allied health disciplines through online and on-campus curricular offerings. Allied Health consists of a diverse range of specialized occupations that fall outside the traditional medical and healthcare professions like doctors, nurses, and dentists. Some careers involve direct care of patients, usually as a member of a multidisciplinary healthcare team, and others involve office work and administration. The faculty and staff bring a plethora of industry experience from laboratories and healthcare settings to their work with students. They share the common goal of effectively delivering the practical and theoretical foundations of disciplines through a rich blend of interactive lectures, informal discussion, meaningful laboratory inquiries, and professional practice or clinical experiences. The department offers students direct use of modern laboratory/clinical equipment in real-world or simulated settings and provides the highest-level virtual laboratory experiences.


Through rigorous course work, exposure to state-of-the-art equipment, and professional practice and clinical experiences, the Allied Health Department prepares students for employment or continuing education in the technical areas of healthcare.


Physical & Health Sciences Building – The Allied Health Department is partially located in the recently renovated PHS Building. Four science-ready lecture rooms are on the first floor with eight laboratories found on the second and third floors. The laboratories are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, anatomic models, and the latest application software for teaching and learning.

Agriculture Science Building – (A construction project will begin shortly to renovate this building.) There are two programs located in the Bethesda Foundation Imaging Suite on the third floor. The radiologic technology program laboratories are equipped with a nonenergized X-ray unit for students to learn proper patient positioning and a digital energized X-ray unit for students to acquire proper imaging skills and shielding with skeletons and pixies. The diagnostic medical sonography program's laboratory has three ultrasound units for students to obtain competency in effective scanning. Students also have access to ultrasound pathology simulation utilizing SonoSym.

The healthcare management and health information technology curricula are completely online programs.


Computed Tomography (Certificate)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (AAS)
Health Information Technology (AAS)
Healthcare Management (BTech)
Imaging Science (BTech)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Certificate)
Radiologic Technology (AAS)