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PLSC 1043  American Government

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course is an introduction to American government. Students will examine the basic framework and institutions of government, including the U.S. Constitution and branches of government. The development and historical growth of government as well as the effect of government on diverse social groups will be stressed. Emphasis will also be on national policies regarding the economy, foreign relations, natural resources, and various moral/ethical issues, including civil rights and individual liberties.

PLSC 1053  International Relations

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course examines the dynamics of the nation-state and the interrelationship among states. The focus of the course is the position of the United States as a world power in the past, present, and future. Topics may include the history of international relations; U.S. foreign policy and security challenges; the problems faced by less developed countries; international organizations; "globalization" and the dynamics of the world economy; and regional and national perspectives. An emphasis on current events and areas of conflict around the world.