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FDSR 1143  Menu Planning

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This is an introductory course that will teach proper service protocol, dining room etiquette, ordering and use of point of sales systems. As the semester progresses, other topics will include: basic principles of menu planning with emphasis on classical menu patterns; menu formats and relationship of the menu to the complete operation of a food service establishment, and pricing of basic menu items.

FDSR 4900  Directed Study

Credits: 3.00 TO 9.00 Credits

A student who has successfully completed three semesters of Food Service courses may arrange for three, five, or nine credit hours of directed study to provide an opportunity to continue study in a subject area of special interest. Directed study may be conducted by a student only through an arrangement with the Food Service Instructional Staff who are to direct such a study. The student will submit a plan acceptable to the instructional staff and will confer regularly regarding his or her progress.