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EPLP 1031  Social Change & Leadership

Credits: 1.00 Credit

This first leadership development class and mentor-guided experience is designed to assist the student in learning about social change theory and their role in leading productive change. This initial stage of leadership development focuses on individual values. The mentoring relationship will provide the resources necessary to aid students in their individual, group, and community experiential growth and development. This learning experience focuses on the first 3 C's of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development: Consciousness of Self, Congruence, and Commitment. Students will explore consciousness of self, congruence in how to become an ethical leader, and commitment to their passions as a leader.

EPLP 2032  Servant Leadership

Credits: 2.00 Credits

This second of three Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program development classes is designed to expose students to the next three C's of the Social Change Theory: Collaboration, Common Purpose and Controversy with Civility. The learning takes places in a variety of classroom and team-based settings, focusing on self-identified civic engagement passions that the group shares. Through practical application (i.e., service learning), students gain experience that is directly applicable to employment after college. The course will focus on a greater awareness of community needs and societal issues. Students will work with faculty, student affairs educators, and other students. Civic Engagement Intensive (CEI) sections exist.

EPLP 5033  Personal Leadership & Citizens

Credits: 3.00 Credits

The third of three Emerging Pioneers Leadership development classes seeks to address the last C of the Social Change Theory - Citizenship and Personal Leadership within the Society/Community. This capstone level experience creates the opportunity for students to engage in the concepts of active citizenship and leading positive change within their own community. Students learn about and apply these concepts by experiencing local government in action and by engaging in a local community challenge within the context of a small group. Civic Engagement Intensive (CEI) sections exist.