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ASDC 1012  College and Life Skills*

Credits: 2.00 Credits

This course will assist students in making the transition to college and in completing collegiate work successfully. In this course the student will learn strategies for: making use of campus resources; self-awareness and exploration; academic success; effective communication on a college campus; and management of time, health, and financial resources. Students will read and respond to articles, participate in class discussions, summarize topics verbally or in writing, and complete a short research project.

ASDC 1092  Methods of Inquiry

Credits: 2.00 Credits

This college level course introduces students to current and proven research on learning and intelligence. Students will set personal and academic goals and apply methods to reach them through mindsets, critical thinking, and self-management strategies. Students will also be presented with basic information literacy skills, study techniques, as well as effective strategies for critical thinking, problem solving, listening, note taking, test taking, and communication. This course will build on the summer bridge program, incorporate information management aspects, integrate blackboard and include preliminary development of a portfolio.

ASDC 1901  Structured Learning*

Credits: 1.00 Credit

This course will be supplemental instruction and recitation for students who need more structured study and development time. It will be co-taught by a faculty, professional tutor, and/or a student success staff. Faculty develop additional review problems to match homework and topics of need. This course will coincide with a registered course (e.g. math, science or English) and serve as a co-requisite or stand alone. This course will be graded Pass/Fail.

ASDC 2011  Career Exploration & Planning*

Credits: 1.00 Credit

This course will assist students with exploring and selecting a college major and/or career goal. The students will learn a decision making model designed to make appropriate, well-informed career/life choices. The students will engage in a variety of assessments using software programs and self-directed career searches. Students will complete out of class assignments designed to integrate self-awareness with career options and will develop their own marketing materials such as resumes, cover letters, and career portfolios. This is a pass/fail course.

ASDC 2193  Intro to Academic Literacy

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course focuses on the continued improvement of literacy skills - reading comprehension skills, reading efficiency and flexibility, critical thinking, development of a college-level vocabulary, and the grammar, writing, and study skills needed for success with college course work. Students may be placed in this course on the basis of their placement test scores or may take it as an elective to expand their basic literacy skill levels.

ASDC 2900  Directed Study

Credits: 1.00 TO 4.00 Credits

A student may contract for one to four credit hours of independent study through an arrangement with an instructor who agrees to direct such a study. The student will submit a plan acceptable to the instructor and to the department chairperson. The instructor and student will confer regularly regarding the process of the study.