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Health and Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Centers are located on each campus. At the center, treatment of student illness, accidents, and counseling needs are provided by a doctor, mental health counselor, or registered nurse. The Mind Spa is also located at the Health and Wellness Center on the Alfred campus. A mandatory fee allows the student to obtain medicines and medical supplies provided by Health and Wellness Services without further cost. The Health and Wellness Services records are kept strictly confidential. Appointments can be made in person or by calling 607-587-4200.

For more information, visit www.alfredstate.edu/student-life/health-and-wellness-services.

The Mind Spa

This unique oasis is a quiet place for students to experience and explore on their own. Students are able to indulge in their senses, clear their minds, or simply relax and unwind while using the Mind Spa. The Mind Spa offers use of a full body massage chair, tea, aromatherapy, bio-feedback software, multi-spectrum light, and self-help audio library as well as many other relaxation and stress reduction aids. Please visit www.alfredstate.edu/student-life/health-and-wellness-services/mindspa for more information.