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Student Consumer Information

Student Consumer Information

Bill Payment

The college may receive funds for a student from various sources. All monies are applied to the student’s account as received until the bill is satisfied. If the college receives funds that result in a refund for the student, the refund will be available for pickup in the Student Records and Financial Services Office for one week. Any remaining refund checks not picked up after one week will be mailed to the student’s home address. Go to Banner Web, click on "Student Services and Financial Aid," click on "Student Accounts," then on "Display Refund Detail" to see if a refund has been generated.

Importance of Proper Registration - Students must properly register and pay by the appropriate deadlines for all courses for which they expect to receive credit. Students are cautioned that simply attending classes and completing course requirements does not entitle anyone to register after the deadlines have passed or to claim credit for a course in which he/she has participated as an unregistered or a deregistered student. Students must resolve all problems regarding registrations with the Student Records and Financial Services Office. Questions about payments are handled in the Student Records and Financial Services Office.

Late registrants are students who are registered or have processed their bill after the initial billing due date each term. Late registrants will be subject to a late registration fee of $50. This fee is nonrefundable.

De-registration/Blocking - Students who do not comply with published tuition payment deadlines or who have other major obligations to the college may be de-registered, or automatically dropped, from the courses for which they have registered prior to the new academic period. They may also be blocked from receiving college services such as official transcripts and placement records.

Deadlines - Courses may be added and dropped according to academic regulations. Please refer to Full semester courses dropped after the first week of class will incur a liability, according to the liability policy which follows. For courses less than a full semester in length, please contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office for the appropriate liability schedule.

Liability Policy

All tuition and fee liabilities are calculated based on the date of separation as recorded in the Student Records and Financial Services Office. Students who will be separating from the college must file the appropriate paperwork with the Student Records and Financial Services Office. Following is a liability schedule based upon the "official" withdrawal date or date the class is dropped. Students begin incurring charges the first day of the semester, not the day they complete the registration process.

A student who is dismissed from Alfred State for academic or disciplinary reasons prior to the end of the academic term shall be liable for all costs for that term and shall not be eligible for a reduction of charges or a refund of payment made.

Tuition, Student Activity Fee, Athletics Fee, Technology Fee, Health Fee, Transportation Fee, Fitness Center Fee, Course Fees:

*1st week 0 percent liability                                                                                             
2nd week 30 percent liability    
3rd week 50 percent liability    
4th week 70 percent liability    
5th week 100 percent liability    

*For liability purposes, the first day of class session shall be considered the first day as reported on the academic calendar. The end of the first week shall be figured as of the close (at 4 p.m.) of five business days.

Orientation Fee and College Fee: Nonrefundable

Late Registration Fee and Transcript Fee: Nonrefundable after the first week.

Graduation Fee and Vehicle Registration Fee: Charges are removed only if the student withdraws during the first four weeks of classes. The vehicle hang tag must be returned. After the fourth week, all charges will remain on the student’s bill.

Room Rent:

1st Week 0 percent liability                                                                                                
2nd - 8th week 50 percent liability    
After 8th week 100 percent liability    
Meal Plan; Campus Spending Account: Unused portions are refunded by the ACES Office or credited to the student's bill.