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Agricultural Business

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AAS Degree - Code #0511

Dr. Dorothea Fitzsimmons, Program Coordinator
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It’s an exciting time to be an agricultural business student. In fact, one out of every six jobs in the American economy is related to agriculture and food businesses. So we’ve designed our agricultural business curriculum to provide you with the technical and business skills necessary to be successful in this dynamic field. Career opportunities in agribusiness range from managing a farm to working in the timber, banking, or publishing industries.


  • Our graduates have the technical knowledge of agricultural production practices, land and water resources, management, and agricultural markets necessary to enter nearly any facet of the agribusiness field.
  • Alfred State is the only institution of higher education in the United States with both conventional and organic dairy systems on the same farm.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate essential technical knowledge of animal husbandry methods.
  • Demonstrate essential technical knowledge of crops, soils, and growing conditions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze information, and compare and contrast agricultural business management systems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to find and use information related to agricultural business management.
  • Demonstrate written and oral communication skills appropriate for agricultural business.
  • Apply critical thinking and reasoning to agricultural business management.

Direct Entry Into Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Alfred State agricultural business graduates may enter directly into either the interdisciplinary studies BTech or the technology management BBA degree program.

Related Clubs And Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Collegiate Agricultural Leaders (CAL) Club, Collegiate FFA, Equestrian Club, Dairy Judging Team, Agricultural Skills Day, Spring Fling Consignment Sale, Community-Supported Agriculture projects, local foods projects, showmanship contests, and Sustainability Club.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Many schools, including Cornell University, grant full credit to students wishing to transfer to four-year programs.

A formal articulation agreement exists between Alfred State and Cornell University for transfer options.

 Occupational Opportunities

  • Management or ownership of commercial farms
  • Agricultural credit officers for banks, government, loan agencies, and farm cooperative loan agencies
  • Feed, seed, and fertilizer sales technicians
  • Writers of technical publications, radio and TV scripts, news items for magazines and newspapers, education and public relations materials
  • Manager/assistant managers of farm supply stores
  • Warehouse managers for farm chemicals, feed, seed, and fertilizers
  • Chain store and retail food management
  • Agricultural consulting services

Employment Statistics

Employment and continuing education rate of 100 percent – 100 percent are employed.

Related Programs

Entrance Requirements/recommendations

Recommended: Algebra

Agricultural Business - AAS Degree




ANSC 1204 Introduction to Animal Science 4
AGRI 1001 Farm Practicum I 1
BIOL 1304 Botany 4
COMP 1503 Freshman Composition 3
XXXX xxx3 Gen. Education Elective 3


ANSC 3203 Dairy Cattle Production I 3
AGRI 2013 Organic & Sustainable Ag Tech 3
CISY 1003 Intro to Microcomputer Appl 3
CISY 1103 Info Technology Management 3
ACCT 1124 Financial Accounting 4
XXXX xxx3 Gen. Education Elective 3
AGRI 2001 Farm Practicum II 1


ACCT 2224 Managerial Accounting 4
ANSC 3202 Dairy Management Analysis 2
AGEC 3213 Farm & Rural Business Mgmt I 3
XXXX xxx3 Gen. Ed. OR Technical Elective 3
XXXX xxx3 Ag. Elective 3
AGRI 3001 Farm Practicum III 1


AGEC 4303 Farm & Rural Business Mgmt II 3
XXXX xxx3 Bus. or Marketing Elective 3
AGRI 4002 Senior Seminar/Capstone Proj 2
XXXX xxx3 Gen. Education Elective 3
XXXX xxx3 Ag. Elective  
AGRI 4001 Farm Practicum IV 1

Agriculture Electives:

ANSC 2114 Dom Animal Anat & Phys 4
ANSC 3003 Feeds and Nutrition 3
ANSC 3103 Livestock Mgmt & Production 3
ANSC 3202 Dairy Management Analysis 2
ANSC 3204 Dairy Cattle Production III 4
ANSC 3222 Dairy Calf Management 2
ANSC 2102 Dairy Cattle Reprod & A.I Tech 2
AGPS 2113 Field & Forage Crops 3
AGPS 5003 Integrated Pest Management 3
AGPS 5103 Sustainable Vegetb Prodtn Tech 3
AGRI 3351 Live Animal Evaluation 1

Business Electives:

BUAD 3043 Business Law I 3
MKTG 3153 Web Design & Marketing 3
BUAD 4203 Intro Personal Financial Plan 3
CISY 3023 Advanced Microcmptr Spreadshts 3
BUAD 3153 Fundamentals of Management 3

Students must:

  • successfully complete the prescribed sequence of courses
  • achieve a minimum index of 2.0 in their core courses
  • achieve a minimum index of 2.0 overall
  • be recommended by the department faculty