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AGRI 1002  Introduction to Agriculture

Credits: 2.00 Credits

The introduction to Agriculture will give students the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of agriculture skills. Skills will include care and management of dairy animals, machinery and equipment safety and operation, crop, fruit and vegetable production.

AGRI 2013  Organic & Sustainable Ag Tech

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course will introduce students to environmentally sound methods of agriculture. The goal is to help students understand methods and technologies for using water, soil, pasture and manure resources in ways that create a biologically healthy landscape for animals and for society. This course will introduce students to a more natural approach to animal agriculture as well as to explore the synergy of an integrated organic cropping and animal agriculture system.

AGRI 2102  Ag Equipment Operation & Repai

Credits: 2.00 Credits

This course is an introduction to the operation and basic maintenance of agricultural equipment.

AGRI 3351  Live Animal Evaluation

Credits: 1.00 Credit

The efficiency of animal husbandry depends on the ability of an individual to evaluate, judge and select animals based on their productive and reproductive abilities. Communication, both oral and written, makes the judges reasons much more effective.

AGRI 4002  Senior Seminar/Capstone Proj

Credits: 2.00 Credits

This course enables the student to develop career professionalism, job finding techniques and the personal and social skills necessary for success in the world of work. A job search is organized, resumes prepared with cover letters, and practice interviews are conducted. Many types of jobs are studied using successful graduates. Professional and personal goals are discussed.

AGRI 4103  Constructn Technqs for Agrictr

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course is designed for students planning for careers requiring general knowledge and basic skills in agricultural building construction and maintenance. The course content consists of proper and safe hand tool and power tool utilization. Safe utilization of these tools in lab will be a hands-on experience. Various building materials will be explained and demonstrated throughout this course. Construction techniques and methods will be presented in lecture and performed in each lab.

AGRI 4900  Directed Study

Credits: 1.00 TO 4.00 Credits

Students must have permission of their advisor and the department chairperson before enrollment. An outline of the study must be submitted before enrollment. Directed study provides an opportunity to continue study in an area of special interest. Study may be carried out within any curriculum in the department in which the student is enrolled.

AGRI 6103  Precision Agriculture

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course covers the acquisition and analysis of geographically referenced data for the management of crop production systems. Topics include: mapping, map projections, implementation of global positioning systems, data formats, geographic information systems, grid sampling, soil fertility and physical properties, yield monitoring, variable-rate application, and economics.