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Interdisciplinary Studies

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BTech Degree – Code #0377

Dr. Kathleen Ebert, Program Director
Email: ebertkc@alfredstate.edu

The Bachelor of Technology in interdisciplinary studies program is designed to provide a four-year curriculum in which students are empowered to personalize, within specified core and concentration areas, their technology-based program of study. The program is founded in academic flexibility by providing two sets of broad-based academic options. Students start with a core set of courses selected for years one and two of the program and two concentration areas for years three and four. The general academic categories are as follows:

Years One and Two Core Areas (select one):

  • Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM)
  • Management
  • Design
  • Health/Agriculture/Science (HAS)
  • Humanities/Social Sciences
  • Technical Communication

Years Three and Four Concentration Areas (select two):

  • Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM)
  • Management
  • Technical Communication/Design
  • Humanities/Social Sciences
  • Health/Science


  • Students must complete 18 credit hours in a core area during the first two years of the program; most associate degrees will satisfy this.
  • Students must also satisfy a minimum of 12 credit hours in each of two academic concentrations during the junior and senior years. Courses satisfying these requirements are identified and categorized by prefix.
  • The program affords students the opportunity to design and complete a rigorous, yet flexible interdisciplinary course of study in technology-based disciplines.
  • The program will provide an avenue by which students can pursue precise career interests that cannot be accommodated within typical majors.
  • With appropriate advisement, graduates will be well prepared to enter and succeed in a wide range of technology-based careers.

Occupational Opportunities

The nature of the program allows for many occupational opportunities. Some of the more common interest areas are as follows:

  • Technical writer
  • Health office manager
  • Sales engineer
  • Logistician
  • Purchasing manager (i.e., for a hospital)
  • Health and safety engineers
  • Cost estimator
  • Training and development specialist
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Occupational health and safety specialist
  • Graphic designer
  • Self-employed

Entrance Requirements/Recommendations

Required: Algebra, Second Year of Advanced Math, Two Units of Science, SAT and/or ACT scores with a recommended combined reading/writing and math SAT score of 980 or a composite ACT score of 19.

Interdisciplinary Studies - BTech Degree


Years One and Two

COMP 1503 Freshman Composition 3
SPCH 1083 Effective Speaking 3
CISY xxxx Computer Elective 3-4
XXXX xxxx Gen Ed Elective (7 areas) 24
XXXX xxxx Lower Level Core 18
XXXX xxxx Electives 9
HPED xxxx   1

Years Three and Four

COMP 5703 Technical Writing II 3
IDST 5001 Interdisc Studies Capstone Des 1
IDST 7002 Interdisc. Studies Capstone Pr 2
XXXX xxxx Concentration 1 (at least 9 credits upper level) 12
XXXX xxxx Concentration 2 (at least 9 credits upper level) 12
XXXX xxxx Upper level credits 21
XXXX xxxx Electives 12