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Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts

Deb Burch, Chair
Phone : 607-587-3119
Secretary phone : 607-587-3170
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The culinary industry offers a wide range of career opportunities; the list is endless, from health care to management positions in large companies. The department includes two programs:  culinary arts - focusing on food production and management; and baking, production and management - focusing on retail baking production. The department also offers a three-year dual degree program, along with an opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree in technology management in the following two years.


The Culinary Arts Department is focused on developing skills needed for competent culinary professionals for an evolving industry.


Applicants to the Culinary Arts Department programs must be able to meet the following physical requirements:

  1. Perform lab functions while standing on their feet for up to five hours daily.
  2. Be proficient in reading (for guest checks, recipes, and instructional manuals) and mathematics (for recipe conversion, cost control, and calculations associated with food production and service).
  3. Lift 50 pounds from floor to eye level.
  4. Visually identify degree of product doneness.
  5. Handle kitchen equipment, including knives.

Please refer to the most current required uniform list on the Alfred State website at


  • Production lab – This lab gives students the opportunity to learn quantity food production and service through the preparation and service of 700 institutional meals for customers daily.
  • The Refinery Restaurant lab – A well-equipped dining room and kitchen, this lab has virtually all the equipment used in commercial restaurants. Students prepare and serve meals to order for approximately 40 luncheon patrons daily.
  • Bakery lab – This is reputed to be the best-equipped training facility of its kind in the state. The student has access to many types of baking equipment used commercially to produce baked goods for the Wellsville campus student dining hall and The Refinery Restaurant.  Students produce baked goods in freshman and senior labs, which are sold and served to many. In addition, the preparation and presentation of elaborate creations, common in upscale restaurants, offers students the opportunity to develop their talents.


Culinary Arts (AOS)
Culinary Arts: Baking, Production & Management (AOS)