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FDSR 1084  Sanitation & Food Safety

Credits: 4.00 Credits

This course is an introduction to the basic aspects of culinary arts sanitation with emphasis on various types of food service operations, correct sanitation procedures, rules and regulations pertaining to the safe use and maintenance of small tools and heavy equipment, correct methods of customer service, and personal hygiene as related to foods and food service. Students may earn certification from the Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association as part of the program.

FDSR 1143  Menu Planning

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This is an introductory course that will teach proper service protocol, dining room etiquette, ordering and use of point of sales systems. As the semester progresses, other topics will include: basic principles of menu planning with emphasis on classical menu patterns; menu formats and relationship of the menu to the complete operation of a food service establishment, and pricing of basic menu items.

FDSR 1153  Introduction to Baking

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This is an introductory course in baking. The course will cover basic baking ingredients and how they affect final product outcome. Emphasis will be placed on quality baked goods, weights, measurements, equipment and importance of accuracy, and basic procedures common to baker formulas.

FDSR 1373  Foods, Ingredients & Products

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course emphasizes definitions and explanations of cooking and baking terms and selection of ingredients and products. The students will learn about the foundation principles of food preparation through a study of the chemical and physical properties of food, the nature of reactions caused by environmental conditions during preparation, cooking or baking, and the affect of materials added during some phase of preparation or cooking. The student will explore common practices in food preparation including soups, stocks, vegetables, sauces, salads and dressings, etc.

FDSR 1478  Quantity Food Lab Unit 1

Credits: 8.00 Credits

The student will acquire experience in the preparation of and service of quantity foods with an emphasis on school, institutional, and commercial cafeterias, and an à la carte restaurant. The course covers basic equipment usage, knife skills, and storage and inventory procedures. Students will acquire experience in salad and stock preparation and will learn about the fabrication of chicken, pork, and beef cuts. Scientific economics as well as the artistic aspects of food preparation will also be developed as the student becomes involved in each area of food production.

FDSR 1578  Quantity Baking Lab Unit I

Credits: 8.00 Credits

This lab section introduces students to the fundamental aspects of baking. Students will learn about the preparation and use and safety considerations of baking equipment. Students will get hands-on experience preparing fried bakery goods, yeast doughs, quick breads, pies, cookies, cakes and icings. Students will rotate bi-weekly through experiences with general baking concepts, preparation, equipment use, safety, mixing, panning and finishing of the products.

FDSR 2043  Fundamentals of Nutrition

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course will cover the function and importance of nutrients and vitamins in the body, daily nutritional requirements, important food sources and the effects of nutrient deficiencies. Nutritional guidelines and standards will also be reviewed. The importance of producing, storing, and using nutritious ingredients in the daily production of food will be stressed. In addition, students will examine various topics related to the American diet such as fad diets, herbs and supplements, diet and exercise, weight loss diets, and food additives.

FDSR 2183  Food Purchasing Techniques

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course introduces students to the procedures and techniques involved with food service purchasing and storage, including the "Five Rights" (right product, right quantity, right supplier, right price, and the right time). The course will cover product grading specifications as well as storeroom operations such as inventory procedures and classification of products, receiving, and storing of food products. The course will also emphasize product identification, and packaging, and will cover new trends in purchasing such as organic and locally produced products.

FDSR 2253  Hospitality Cost Control

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course incorporates basic math as related to the food service industry. Topics will include: principles of food cost controls, daily yields and menu pricing, monthly report forms, food check preparation, recipe conversion and standardization procedures. This course will also cover cashier's report procedures, the use of balance sheets to determine the state of a food service operation, and costing as related to budgeting, improvements of operation efficiency and comparisons of similar operations.

FDSR 2479  Quantity Food Lab Unit II

Credits: 9.00 Credits

This lab is a study and practice of the principles, standards and procedures involved in quantity and quality food preparation. The rotation of duties involves all areas of preparation, service and sanitation within the à la carte restaurant and cafeteria. The course emphasizes improvement of basic knife skills, fabrication skills, and bakery skills needed for the preparation of breakfast items, meat, fish and poultry, soups and vegetables.

FDSR 2489  Quantity Baking Lab Unit II

Credits: 9.00 Credits

This lab section develops intermediate level skills in baking and production. Students will build on skills learned in FDSR 1578 and will rotate bi-weekly through experiences with yeast doughs, pastries, specialty cookies, finishing and decorating.

FDSR 3163  Furnishing and Equipment

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course is a study of food service equipment and furnishings. The course will emphasize specifications, definition and justification of equipment needed, the selection of furnishings, the cost factors, and the proper procedures involved in effective maintenance.

FDSR 3253  Beverages

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course addresses the problems peculiar to the alcoholic beverage industry. Students will learn about the history, classification, methods of production, and characteristics of wine, spirits and beers, mixology and lounge service, systems of beverage controls, and laws controlling beverage sales.

FDSR 3293  Intermediate Baking

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course will teach students the proper procedures and mixing methods used in retail bakeries with an emphasis on the intricate techniques used to produce quality baked goods. The course will cover the specifics of yeast doughs, pastries, fillings, gateaux, meringues, and icings.

FDSR 3353  Hospitality Pers Relations I

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course is the study of various supervisory techniques. This course will emphasize the responsibilities of management and personnel including elements of operational control, profit motivation, employee productivity, and the development of personal communication skills. Labor cost and budgets will be discussed. Students will give an oral report on their summer work experience as it relates to the personnel management.

FDSR 3479  Quantity Food Lab Unit III

Credits: 9.00 Credits

Students will practice menu planning and preparation of restaurant items in the working labs of the program. This lab provides introductory experience to develop supervisory skills in the kitchens and dining room. The student is expected to develop mastery of skills for a la carte and volume feeding, food preparation and service, with emphasis on accepted culinary techniques and presentation.

FDSR 3489  Quantity Baking Lab Unit III

Credits: 9.00 Credits

This lab section develops advanced techniques and disciplines for fine dining and high volume baking operations. Students will rotate weekly through experiences with wedding cakes, specialized pastries, cakes, tortes, seasonal baked goods, and specialty dough. The student will gain an understanding of advanced baking techniques as documented in the Lab Outcomes and Requirements Handbook.

FDSR 4032  Facilities Planning & Design

Credits: 2.00 Credits

This course covers the planning and designing of a food service facility, from the initial concept, to menu design, demographics, choice of building facility, economic factors, legal and regulatory issues, space allocation, "back of the house" issues, and flow patterns. There will be special emphasis on design and environmental issues such as lighting, HVAC, sound control, ambience, and energy conservation.

FDSR 4043  Advanced Baking

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course will introduce the student to specialized techniques in baking and pastry skill development covering a wide-range of topics not included in the intermediate baking course. Topics include petit fours, candy making, fillings; decorative sugar, pretzels, bagels, specialty breads, along with assigned special projects.

FDSR 4163  Advanced Cuisine

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course deals with advanced cooking techniques and cuisine issues. Much of the activity is directed toward developing and refining a personal culinary philosophy by the students. Students will study cooking techniques in depth with a view to refining their use, and will study basic methods of merchandising in the foodservice industry. The course will introduce topics and begin discussion (and raise awareness) about sustainable food production and will establish a firm connection between cooking and culture for the students.

FDSR 4255  Hospitality Personnel Relat II

Credits: 5.00 Credits

This course will cover the fundamentals of personnel management relating to motivation, performance, employee rights and labor relations. The course emphasizes basic strategic planning, ways to implement plans, and the application of planning to daily operations. The course will cover topics such as management and employee points of view, organizational patterns, job procurement and training, job analysis, and the role of the government. Special emphasis will be placed on the study of unions and the role they play in the workplace.

FDSR 4478  Quantity Food Lab IV

Credits: 8.00 Credits

This lab section provides students with hands-on managerial experience in the planning, organizing and directing of kitchen production. Students will rotate through experiences as chef, station cook and dining room manager. These experiences will help students develop a personal/professional cooking style through creativity, innovation and synthesis based on previous lab exposures. The lab will emphasize refined sauce making, braising, smoking, cooking proteins to order and sophisticated plate presentation.

FDSR 4488  Quantity Baking Lab Unit IV

Credits: 8.00 Credits

This lab section provides students with hands-on managerial experience planning, organizing, and direction of bake-shop production. Students will rotate weekly through experiences with plated desserts, chocolate sculpting, sugar artistry, candy production and artisan breads. This lab will help students develop a personal/professional baking style through creativity, innovation, and synthesis.

FDSR 4900  Directed Study

Credits: 3.00 TO 9.00 Credits

A student who has successfully completed three semesters of Food Service courses may arrange for three, five, or nine credit hours of directed study to provide an opportunity to continue study in a subject area of special interest. Directed study may be conducted by a student only through an arrangement with the Food Service Instructional Staff who are to direct such a study. The student will submit a plan acceptable to the instructional staff and will confer regularly regarding his or her progress.