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ENVR 4411  Environmental Capstone Seminar

Credits: 1.00 Credit

This course is intended for students in the last semester of the Environmental Technology program. Current environmental issues are considered by utilizing guest speakers, an alumni panel, and audiovisual resources. Field trips are made to regional sites of environmental interest. A job search is organized and resumes are prepared with cover letters.

ENVR 4413  Environmental Law

Credits: 3.00 Credits

This course is a non-technical overview of environmental law and public policy. Included in the course are laws, regulations and policies governing water pollution, air pollution, solid waste, hazardous waste, global commons, land use, pesticides, energy, and public lands. The social concerns of environmental regulation such as environmental economics, risk assessment and environmental impact statements are also explored. The conflict/perceived conflict of economic development with environmental protection is particularly stressed. In addition, environmental problems, public policy, administration, politics and philosophy are studied.

ENVR 4424  Envirnmntl Chem & Microbiology

Credits: 4.00 Credits

This is the "capstone" course for students in the Environmental Technology curriculum. The course includes a survey of the techniques used for sampling and laboratory analysis of soil, water, and microbiological samples. Chemistry topics include a review of inorganic and organic chemicals of environmental concern. Microbiology topics include the biology of microorganisms in soil, water, and waste treatment.

ENVR 6102  Brownfield Redevelopment

Credits: 2.00 Credits

This course is a multidisciplinary overview of brownfield redevelopment. This course will be run as a seminar that will meet over two days in a lecture and discussion format. Understanding of the course topics will equip students with the knowledge of community economic development and regeneration project development. It will impart valuable skills for staff and leadership in consulting firms, municipalities, agencies and non-profits that do community development and community regeneration.