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BSET 7001  Senior Seminar & Project Des

Credits: 1.00 Credit

First of two-semester sequence Bachelor of Science seniors. Students design technical project for completion in BSET 8003. Project proposal and design oral reports are presented. Weekly seminar deals with various aspects of post-graduation professional employment.

BSET 8003  Senior Technical Project

Credits: 3.00 Credits

Students build and test a technical project designed in BSET 7001. Each student must complete a formal oral presentation, project demonstration and submit a written project report. The project is subject to faculty approval. Each student chooses or is assigned a faculty project advisor.

BSET 8006  Senior Internship

Credits: 6.00 Credits

Students will complete supervised field work in a selected business, industry, government or educational setting. Students carry out a planned program of educational experiences under direct supervision of an owner, manager or supervisor of technology in an organization. Each intern will be supervised by a member of the faculty. Written and oral reports and a journal of work experience activities will be required. Evaluation will be based on the quality of experiences gained from the internship. Students will be required to complete a series of 2 brief investigative or evaluative papers while completing the internship in areas such as career development, organizational structures, organized labor, business management, security, policies, and/or industry and market trends. At the end of the internship students will be required to give an oral presentation to the faculty about their internship experience.