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Architectural Technology (AAS)

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AAS Degree - Code #0538

Juan Burke, Program Coordinator
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Our architectural technology programs are designed to provide you with a comprehensive architectural education. The AAS degree offers a broad range of skills and basic data—architectural design, graphic communication, and construction technology—relevant to the building process.

All architecture degree programs have shared course work in the first two years. Because of this alignment, the AAS and BS in architectural technology programs are required to meet the same NAAB "Student Performance Criteria" that apply to the BArch program (which was awarded initial candidacy as of Jan. 1, 2014).


  • Broad exposure gives students the ability to be conversant with and/or seek employment with all related professions within the architectural field.
  • The degree may be accepted for credit toward professional licensure in New York State. 

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehend architecture as being accountable to humanity's need for safe, affordable shelter, for dignified ways of living, and for offering corresponding symbolic meaning - and the ability to produce designs infused by this understanding.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the evolution of architectural ideas (and associated principles, strategies and devices) throughout history and of how these were marshaled by architects in the service of certain intended purposes, as well as the ability to apply such ideas in the student's own designs.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of strategies for infusing design generally, and structural expression particularly, with poetic dimensions that help to transform environments - that would otherwise be merely good functionally and of sound construction - into inspiring and uplifting places.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of sustainability, construction technology, and integrated project delivery.
  • Demonstrate the ability to take on/participate constructively in urban renewal/social innovation projects that seek to serve the common good.
  • Info management (computer and research skills appropriate to degree level and type).
  • Written and oral communication (appropriate to degree level and type)
  • Critical thinking (problem-solving, reasoning skills appropriate to degree level and type).

Direct Entry Into Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Alfred State architectural technology AAS graduates may enter directly into either the architectural technology BS or the architecture BArch programs (portfolio review required). AAS students wishing to move on to either the BS or BArch programs need to have completed either MATH 2043 (College Trigonometry) or MATH 1054 (Precalculus). Please note that a minimum combined GPA of 3.0 is required in Alfred State studio courses (ARCH 1184, ARCH 2394, ARCH 3104, and ARCH 4304) to guarantee admission into ARCH 5306 - Design Studio 3. A portfolio review is required of all continuing students not meeting this requirement. The architectural technology AAS graduates may also enter directly into the interdisciplinary studies BTech, or the technology management BBA degree program.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Graduates may go directly into the workforce, or may continue in Alfred State's architectural technology BS or BArch programs. Graduates may also transfer to professional or pre-professional degree programs at other institutions. Transfer is contingent on program and institution.

Occupational Opportunities

  • Architect (after successfully meeting state requirements)
  • Computer modelers
  • Computer animators
  • Detailers
  • Specification writers
  • Estimators
  • Building inspectors
  • Interior designers
  • Sales representatives
  • Shop drawing drafters

Employment Statistics

Employment and continuing education rate of 100 percent – 8 percent are employed; 92 percent continued their education.

Related Programs

Construction Engineering Technology
Interior Design

Certification Or Licensure

The degree may be accepted for credit toward professional licensure in New York State.

Entrance Requirements/recommendations

Required: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/ Trigonometry

Recommended: Physics

Typical Program

A typical day might be one or two one-hour lectures and a two-hour studio for freshmen. In the second year, some courses use three-hour studios. 

General Notes:

Students must complete at least one course from each of five SUNY General Education Silos.

Entry level of student into math and composition/literature sequences is a function of student’s high school preparation and mathematics and English placement examinations.

Math through Technical Calculus I must be completed. Students who start at a higher level in math must meet all SUNY general education and campus liberal arts and sciences course credit requirements for graduation.

Minimum grade of “C” is required for ARCH 1184, ARCH 2394, ARCH 3104, and ARCH 4304.

If entry-level math requirement is met, take LAS elective to complete degree requirements of 3 credits, otherwise take free elective.

For Sociology elective, students may take SOCI 1163 or substitute HIST 1113, HIST 1143, HIST 2153, or PLSC 1043. Students planning to continue in the architectural technology BS program should consult with their adviser regarding Gen. Ed./LAS requirements.


Architectural Technology - AAS Degree



ARCH 1184 Design Fundamentals 1 4
FNAT 2333 Survey of Design 3
FNAT 1303 Architectural History I 3
MATH 1034 College Algebra of Functions 4
COMP 1503 Freshman Composition 3


ARCH 2394 Design Fundamentals 2 4
ARCH 2014 Computer Visualization 4
  xxx3 Gen Ed Elective/Hist. of West. Civ. 3
MATH 2043 College Trigonometry 3
PHYS 1024 General Physics I 4


ARCH 3104 Design Studio 1 4
ARCH 3014 Construction Technology 1 4
ARCH 3003 Environmental Controls 3
MATH 1063 Technical Calculus I 3
  xxx3 Gen Ed Elective/Sociology 3


ARCH 4304 Design Studio 2 4
ARCH 4014 Construction Technology 2 4
CIVL 4103 Structures I 3
ARCH 4013 Municipal Codes & Regulations 3
SPCH 1083 Effective Speaking 3